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Man's Best Friend. RIP Chester. 2008-2023

Man's Best Friend. Forever.

The loss of Chester A. Arthur LobosHayes on May 30th will be a core memory in our lives.

This is Chester's Story.

Found as a stray in 2010 he was taken in by Carlos and returned to health from being neglected on the streets of Los Angeles. Although short and stout, Chester was a force when he entered every room, met any group of humans or dogs pals or was on facetime with family on the east coast. His smile was almost human-like, infectious and wore his expressions on his face at all times, coarse hair, and amber eyes that glowed at times. When he was younger, he was more of a "ginger" than a gray haired old man.

He would entertain everyone but doing tricks, spinning, rolling over, high 5s, and his favorite.... to speak. He little bark was anything BUT! It was loud and he would tilt his little head backwards and just talk. Unfortunately throughout the years, lost his voice to age and won everyone over simply on "the look".

He enjoyed going off on his own solo adventure in all of the dog parks he would go to. Wandering through grasses, along the perimeter, checking to ensure everything is safe and secure.

Every walk with Chester was a symphony of leg lifts. Marking his territory became a serious undertaking for him, as he meticulously left his scent on every tree, lamppost, and fire hydrant he encountered. It was his way of asserting himself and leaving an indelible mark on the world.

As the years passed, Chester became an integral part of their community. He had his own fan club at the local dog parks. Chester had an uncanny ability to sense when someone needed a friend, and he would offer his comforting presence without hesitation.

He had a unique individual bonds with both Carlos and Mike that surpassed words, cannot be put in a form we understand, or fill the mass voiid. His 3 sister, Celine, Prada, and Penelope know you are gone, and will never forget you, we promise.

We love you and miss you. - Dads, Carlos & Mike


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