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The ingredients chosen for these dog treats offer a combination of taste, nutrition, and potential health benefits for dogs:


  • Coconut: Provides healthy fats, which can contribute to a shiny coat and skin health. It also contains lauric acid, known for its antimicrobial properties.

  • Beet: High in fiber and antioxidants, beets can support digestive health and provide essential nutrients. They also add natural sweetness to the treats.

  • Rosemary: Apart from adding flavor, rosemary has antioxidant properties and can contribute to overall immune system health.

  • Greek Yogurt: A good source of protein and calcium, Greek yogurt supports muscle health and bone strength. It also contains probiotics, which can aid in digestion.

  • Wheat Flour: Provides carbohydrates for energy. Whole wheat flour contains more nutrients than refined flour.

  • Egg: A complete protein source, eggs contribute to muscle development and provide essential amino acids.

Chester's Beet and Coconut Dog Treats

  • Shredded coconut, Beet, Rosemary, Greek yogurt, Cornmeal mix, Egg, Citric acid, Sodium propionate